Why do I need an architect?

It is a good question. You want to build something; why not just tell a builder what you have in mind and leave them to get on with it?

Hopefully, your builder will be excellent at building. But only an architect will interpret your ideas creatively and manage the project professionally, providing you with value for money, peace of mind and, most importantly, an exceptional end result.

All building projects are one-offs. Every site, every client, every brief is different. There is no single solution to your project. You are likely to be making a large financial and emotional commitment to your project, which makes standards and performance from others all the more important. Using a Chartered Architect provides you with extra safeguards to ensure that your designer acts with integrity and gives independent advice in support of your interests.

Value for money

Patrice Belle’s contribution to a building extends far beyond form and aesthetics. It can influence the perception, performance and value of your business.

Brought in early and given the opportunity to understand your business, we can design a building, masterplan or interior that is tailored to your needs, both now and in the future; one that is not only productive but also a pleasure to work in and visit.

Consulting us at the earliest planning stages opens the door to cost savings, both in the construction and operation of the building, from innovative design solutions. Using an architect to manage your project and coordinate the work of consultants and contractors can save you and your staff time.

As Architects, Patrice Belle are professional problem-solvers. Our experience and insights can help stretch your budget and add value to your property. We might suggest new ways of utilising space and light, widen the palette of materials, finishes or fittings, find a builder at the right price, and propose design solutions that will reduce your bills when the building is up and running. At a fraction of the total cost of your project, our fees will prove a sound investment.

Peace of mind

You think the builders will be doing all the hard work? A mountain of paperwork awaits anyone undertaking a building project. But an architect can help make a molehill of it. When you appoint Patrice Belle, you have someone on your side who knows the construction industry’s working methods and standards and can guide you through all the relevant legislation, regulations and contractual arrangements. The earlier we are brought in, the more we can help get the project moving, too, with site studies, securing planning approvals and working out financing.


Patrice Belle can lift your project out of the ordinary, and turn a functional structure into one that can give pleasure for decades. Whether it’s a modern home, or a new HQ, we have the inspiration and ideas that can help to realise and even exceed your own ambitions.

A sound investment?

Good advice has its price and the price of skimping on design quality is far higher. Design fees will usually constitute just a small fraction of the total construction cost. And they pale into insignificance when measured against a project’s total operating costs over its entire lifespan.

High quality design can reduce those operating costs by maximising the efficiency of the building. A building that has received the input of design professionals from inception will be cheaper to run and command greater value in the long term.