Why you need an architect

As an RIBA Chartered & Ordre des Architectes registered Architect, Patrice Belle will provide you with much more than just the drawings for your project. You will be fully involved in creating a totally tailored solution to address your requirements and aspirations. We have the experience to see your project safely through to completion, overseeing the design, the planning and building regulations, the builders and your budget.

Our passion for our work provides a bridge between imagination and reality. Our creativity and skill enables us to put form and substance to dreams and desires. We have the courage to propose brave solutions.....designs that are nevertheless founded on realism and practicality.

You can appoint Patrice Belle to manage any or all parts of the design and construction process. As architects we are trained to:

Help you to define your objectives for the project, identify the risks involved and interpret your ideas imaginatively and expertly.

Work with you to develop a design that will interpret your ideas imaginatively, maximise your investment, be economic to build and run, and, of course, bring you years of comfort and pleasure.

Help to secure the approvals that will be needed before your project can go ahead, including the preparation of applications to the local authority for planning consent (which certifies that the project meets rules governing the use and form of buildings) and for Building Regulations certification (which covers the functional requirements of buildings to safeguard the health and safety of the people using them).

Be able to manage the construction phase by helping you to select suitable builders, obtaining competitive prices for construction, monitoring progress, standards and safety on-site, arranging the input of other design specialists, and overseeing the co-ordination of the construction through to its successful completion.